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SchleicherUSA Relay Technology

Safety Relays

Safety Relays
  • Evaluation units for emergency stop buttons and safety gates
  • End-position monitoring of moving machinery components
  • Monitoring of two-handed operation

Timer Relays

Timer Relays
  • Intermediaries between the intelligent logic level
  • Time relays
  • Function relays

Measurement Relays

Measurement Relays
  • Current and voltage monitors
  • Phase sequence and phase failure monitoring
  • Monitoring of two-handed operation



SchleicherUSA Automation


  • XCx have a modular structure
  • Expansion rack for further extension
  • Up to 128 modules on a maximum of 8 racks

I/O Systems

IO Systems
  • Peripheral connection via fieldbus
  • Route and output the necessary process-specific signal mix
  • Digital I/O modules with 4, 8 or 16 channels

HMI and Software

HMI and Software
  • Optimized human-machine interaction connect a universal hand held device to the controls of different manufacturers
  • Users can test and analyze real CNC programs and the sequence of movements

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