Schleicher Automation

Human Machine Interface

The ProNumeric OP50 is an optimized human-machine interaction employing the Sercos III and EtherCat realtime field bus systems, combined in one single hand-held control device. Schleicher finally makes it possible to connect a universal hand held device to the controls of different manufacturers. A three position enabling switch allows for safe working in dangerous zones.

ProNumeric OP50hz

Used to set up and program machine tools, industrial robots and handling devices

process-specific signal mix
  • Interfaces: EtherCAT and Sercos III
  • High-resolution hand-wheel with 100 increments per rotation
  • Resistive 5″ Touch display
  • Integrated flashlight


A powerful palm sized tool for the NC / RC machines and robots / handling systems

decentral I/O system
  • Emergency stop button
  • 2 three-Enabling button
  • Additional machine-specific user interfaces by micro browser and “WIN CE”
  • User Interface: CE dialogue for all automated setup functions



Using the software tool Sim:one, users can test and analyze real CNC programs and the sequence of movements in the machine locally on their PC. The software not only enables potential risks to be detected and eliminated at an early stage, but the productivity of the machine can also be increased to the maximum.


Software tool tests and analyses real CNC programs and the sequence of movements.

process-specific signal mix
  • Individually scalable 3D simulation
  • Integration of various machines, work pieces and tools
  • Support for complex machine kinematics
  • Offline mode for analyzing recorded machine logs

Schleicher GRED

The software reduces the memory requirements using less memory capacity

decentral I/O system
  • Requires less memory capacity
  • Reduces costs
  • Smooth real-time processes
  • Protect the hard disk

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